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  • Excel macros multiple columns to a single column and delete a repetitive range of columns.

    February 21, 2014

    When I’m not fighting the war on bad call centers I try to assist my better half with some of her work.  Lately this has involved a lot of spreadsheets and data manipulation, which is something I enjoy as it’s a bit different than what I do day-to-day. The latest issue was turning a dataset […]

  • Not enough time to play with my new Surface.

    January 29, 2014

    Mainly because I wanted to make an update which there haven’t been many.  Recently got a Surface 2 Pro and I’ve not had the time to play much with it.  I’m hoping it becomes a toy which allows me to do real work.  We will see, for now this thing is pretty sweet. david

  • Check Windows 2003 Service Status Remotely

    July 28, 2012

    At my current project there are times where I have to restart a bunch of servers at a time.  On these servers there is a particular service which I want to make sure it has started and is running.  There’s the sc.exe command which allows your stop, start, query service statuses from the command prompt. […]

  • 2 Months with Sprint’s HTC Touch Pro 2

    January 30, 2010

    If you recall last year I posted a few Tweets about the, then upcoming, Palm Pre and how much I was looking forward to this phone.  Later on I posted a story about about my impressions with the Palm Pre.  After a few months of sticking with it and really giving it a try I […]

  • Microsoft’s SyncToy in Windows XP 64

    May 7, 2007

    Well, for those of you struggling trying to get SyncToy working on Windows XP 64, here is the fix.

    Download custsat.dll version 9.0.3790.2428 and replace it in the SynToy install directory (usually C:Documents and Settings<usernam>Local SettingsApplication DataSyncToy)



  • Windows 2003 Server

    March 7, 2004

    So I finally cracked down and started playing with the future of the Windows Servers. I am talking about the Windows 2003 server. Read on to find out what some of my initial thoughts on this new operating system.

    edit: 04/08/04
    Security Focus just posted a new article on the IIS6.0 security :-) Talk about timely.

  • Job Search Information Management

    March 1, 2004

    The saying is that treat a job search like a full time job. Right, specially when you already have a job that is close to full time and you’re a full time student. So can you really have 3 full time jobs? Not really.

    The point is that I looked around the web for a tool that would help me manage all my information concerning my job search. The tool I am createing will manage:

  • Job Postings
  • Job Contacts
  • Job Leads
  • References
  • Resumes
  • Cover Letters
  • Thank You Letters
  • Read on…

  • Trying out Mozilla Thunderbird for the first time.

    February 21, 2004

    So at work I usee MS Outlook 2003 and Outlook Express for my personal email. So, I just reformatted my machine and decided to try a new/better email client. I had heard a lot about Mozilla Thunderbird so I decided to give a spin. The installation was quite painless, and it is very fast. I am also using it for surfing newsgroups and so far so good. There is somewhat of a learning curve and I am still trying to figure out the new keyboard shortcuts, as well as how NG posts are handled when received. Overall this is definetly a step forward passed Outlook Express. Next, I will try to import all of my old email, as well as try some themes and extensions.

    -david macias

  • Going around word document protection.

    October 20, 2003

    So someone sent me a word document that was write protected, and I needed to edit the file, I had no password, and no way of asking for it…

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