Windows 2003 Server

So I finally cracked down and started playing with the future of the Windows Servers. I am talking about the Windows 2003 server. Read on to find out what some of my initial thoughts on this new operating system.

edit: 04/08/04
Security Focus just posted a new article on the IIS6.0 security :-) Talk about timely.1. It actually loaded pretty fast, which I was surprised, I didn’t use a beast of a machine, but what I did use, seemed to work well and have a nice response time.

2. Security, this has to be the first server where it seems like the computer is tight down out of the box. A couple of ports were open which seem to be unnecessary, but I will not close then until I find out more about the operating system.

3. The interface is a great improvement from that horrible interface called Windows XP.

4. Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition v8 does not play well with 2003, at least for me, and I am having a hard time automating the virus updates. I think it might have something to do with Windows security.

5. I absolutely love remote desktop connection; MS finally got on the ball and did what PC Anywhere and tightVNC have been doing for years.

6. Sharepoint is nice; I just need to read up on how to configure it correctly.

I don’t see the migration from Windows 2002 Server to Windows 2003 should be too painful. However, I think that with the new IIS 6.0 that my Linux server might end up doing something else.

-david macias

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