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  • Kings of Leon – Revelry

    February 22, 2009

    If you’ve not noticed by now, I’m going through a Kings of Leon phase. After the amazing show they put on a few weeks ago and their great CD “Only By The Night” it’s hard not to love their music. This album has been spinning in my iPod for what seems like months now. Highly […]

  • Blue October Dirt Room Video

    February 4, 2009

    While I was in Dallas I heard a song I didn’t recognize, but I was sure it was Blue October. After some online searching, it turns out that it’s the first single called Dirt Room from their upcoming album. I highly recommend you check out the video, it’s pretty good and the end is good. […]

  • Boy Kill Boy – Shoot Me Down

    April 2, 2008

    Personally, the lead singer of BKB sounds just like Chris Martin from Coldplay and I dig that. Both have great voices. While the lyrics aren’t great, the melody/harmony are. Enjoy this little known song. ~david It’s hard to say how I fit in the line I lost my way lost my way my own mind […]

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