Sprint HTC Mogul and Opera Mini

Well, this is a continuation to my earlier post. Instead of editing that one and adding this piece I decided to just post a whole new piece. Well, it has been a few days and I’ve used Opera Mini 4 pretty heavily with no freezing. The one thing I’ve noticed is that you will have to allow it permission to access the network every time you use it. The other major problem is that it is not as responsive as the out of the box midlet manager. The major issue is that it seems to hang for a few seconds while accessing a new page. However, it works consistently without any major issues. Here is my earlier post in case you’ve missed it. I recommend everyone try the Esmertec Jbed, it works wonders.



Fix HTC Mogul freezes when using Opera Mini 4

Ok, so I’ve posted about Opera Mini 4 freezing after a few minutes of usage. Well, I thought I had fixed it by just reinstalling Opera Mini, but that was not the case. However, it seems that I’ve run into a solution. Thanks to this post which points to download a file from the XDA forum. Basically it comes down to using a different MIDlet manager.

One thing which the post does not talk about is how to use it. Install the cab just like any other program. Then go to your programs > Esmertec Jbed > Applications > Opera. It will look a little different but it works just like before. Do this at your own risk. I’ve had no problems with my Mogul. Finally, if you want to download the file here it is.

Esmertec Jbed


Opera Mini 4 Sprint HTC 6800 Mogul

Well, since upgrading to the latest HTC firmware I’ve had random freezes while using Opera Mini 4. So, a couple of weeks ago I decided to remove it completely. Yesterday, looking around the Opera Mini website I decided to install it again and see if anything had changed. And so far so good. One thing I will point out is that the build date of my new Opera Mini installation is v. 4.0.10031,20071217. This leads me to believe that it is an updated version different than the one I had installed previously. One key difference is that when you first launch the program is asks for random key strokes or stylus movement in order to set up encryption.

So, there you have it I’ve had one solid day of usage with Opera Mini and no freezes yet.


Uninstall Opera Mini from HTC 6800 Mogul

So, since the new ROM update 2.17.x I’ve had some random freezes while using Opera Mini 4. One thing I had issues doing was trying to uninstall the existing installation. If you want to remove the current OM 4 install go into Java > Applications > Menu > Remove All. This will remove all OM midlets and you can reinstall again. I’ve just did it and will see how OM is performing now. Hopefully, this will clear out the recent crashings.