Opera Mini 4 Sprint HTC 6800 Mogul

Well, since upgrading to the latest HTC firmware I’ve had random freezes while using Opera Mini 4. So, a couple of weeks ago I decided to remove it completely. Yesterday, looking around the Opera Mini website I decided to install it again and see if anything had changed. And so far so good. One thing I will point out is that the build date of my new Opera Mini installation is v. 4.0.10031,20071217. This leads me to believe that it is an updated version different than the one I had installed previously. One key difference is that when you first launch the program is asks for random key strokes or stylus movement in order to set up encryption.

So, there you have it I’ve had one solid day of usage with Opera Mini and no freezes yet.


Uninstall Opera Mini from HTC 6800 Mogul

So, since the new ROM update 2.17.x I’ve had some random freezes while using Opera Mini 4. One thing I had issues doing was trying to uninstall the existing installation. If you want to remove the current OM 4 install go into Java > Applications > Menu > Remove All. This will remove all OM midlets and you can reinstall again. I’ve just did it and will see how OM is performing now. Hopefully, this will clear out the recent crashings.


HTC 6800 Sprint Mogul Firmware Upgrade

So, thanks to a random groups.google.com post I found out HTC released a new ROM for the HTC Mogul. You can find the information on the HTC website here. Now, most new phones come with image version 2.09.651.3 and this new version is 2.17.651.0.

This is taken straight from the HTC site and list some of the biggest improvements.

The software posted below provides several key fixes for your Mogul:

* Improves Bluetooth compatibility and performance. (*Hopefully no more registry hacks)
* Corrects keypad function when using On Demand. (*Useless)
* Corrects Alarm so it will ring when device is charging. (*Hallelujah!)
* Corrects several Sprint Music performance issues. (*Useless)
* Enables Sprint Music store to function on early production devices
* Adds new Sprint start up and sign off screens (*Useless)

Finally, the update takes around 10 minutes and it was rather painless. Good luck.


PS: You will have to reconfigure your phone as if it was brand spanking new.

HTC 6800 ROM Update

12/29/2007 Update:

Since this is a very popular post on my website I figured I would let you know how things have been. It has been almost a month and my Mogul has been running like a champ. I highly recommend everyone upgrades their phone. I love the fact that I can now rely on my cell phone as an alarm clock.


03/11/2008 Update:

Check out my latest update posted today.

Google maps my location and the HTC Mogul 6800

Well, Google released version 2 of their mobile Google maps, you can find the download link here. Now, if you’re like me, a proud owner of the HTC 6800 with Sprint, you will be happy to know that this new software works great with this phone. It even seems to load a little faster. However, Google has a new feature called My Location, which uses cell tower triangulation to “find” your location. This seems to work for pretty much all other phones except for the HTC running Windows. Now, I’m still not sure if this is a HTC issue or a Sprint crippleware, but I’m working on it. However, if you’re curious why if this new feature works, the answer is no.


12/05/2007 Update

So, there is still no working My Location in Google maps. However, take a look at this. The part of most interest is the following quote:

“Additionally, HTC is currently developing a separate ROM update which enables the EV-DO Rev. A and GPS capabilities that are already built into the Mogul hardware. Sprint and HTC plan to make this software ROM available in early 1Q 2008. Please bookmark this page for easy reference.”

Could this mean that the HTC Mogul will finally have true GPS capabilities?!? I sure hope so.