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  • Find UCCE agents and their assigned attributes and level

    July 1, 2015

    Maybe I should have checked CUIC to see if there was something, but I don’t remember something like this available. All I wanted was to see all my agents their attributes and levels. SELECT [lab_awdb].[dbo].[Agent].EnterpriseName       ,[lab_awdb].[dbo].[Attribute].EnterpriseName       ,[AttributeValue]   FROM [lab_awdb].[dbo].[Agent_Attribute] JOIN [lab_awdb].[dbo].[Agent] ON [lab_awdb].[dbo].[Agent_Attribute].[SkillTargetID] = [lab_awdb].[dbo].[Agent].[SkillTargetID] JOIN [lab_awdb].[dbo].[Attribute] ON [lab_awdb].[dbo].[Attribute].AttributeID = lab_awdb.dbo.Agent_Attribute.AttributeID ~david

  • Determine Busy Hour From UCCE TCD

    April 1, 2013

    The busy call hour is a valuable piece of information in order to forecast how many phone lines you’re going to need as well as how many agents, however getting this information can be difficult and then ensuring that it’s accurate is a whole other matter.  Recently I ran into an issue and I wanted […]

  • Faster Way to Download Cisco Finesse Logs Using Wget

    March 7, 2013

    You should check out my other post on dealing with large Finesse logs. If you’ve had the ‘pleasure’ of troubleshooting Cisco’s newest desktop offering Finesse you know that getting logs from it is a bit of a pain.  While sitting on a TAC call I came up with this approach which has made the process […]

  • Cisco CVP 7.x No Session Error

    July 19, 2012

    Ran into this small issue while trying to release a new CVP application for one of my customers.  Everything was working on the test CVP server, but when it was time to put it on the production CVP servers I received the following error: 24769204: Jul 19 2012 04:51:33.406 -0500: %CVP_7_0_IVR-3-CALL_ERROR: CALLGUID=9EA62E12100001383796F8800A0A5A73 DNIS=8111111111122013 CVP […]

  • Cisco UCCE Outbound Option Find Query Rule for Dialed Record

    October 2, 2010

    Here’s a simple query using an inner join to find out which query rule added a certain record to the dialer.  This is pretty useful when you’re trying to figure out why a record was dialed which went to the wrong skill group.  The only challenge here is joining two different tables in two different […]

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