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  • CTIOS Error 10125

    June 1, 2010

    PeripheralErrorCode:10125 AgentID:1000 UniqueObjectID:agent.5000.1000      MessageID:eControlFailureConf MessageType:eSetAgentStateRequest      ErrorMessage:IPCC Error [10125]You have attempted to log into an invalid      instrument.  If you think it is correct there could be a configuration error.       Otherwise, check the number and try again. FilterTarget:agent.5000.1000 I recently ran into this error and for the life of me could not figure […]

  • Cisco Unified CallManager… err Communications Manager

    January 30, 2008

    So, lately I’ve been playing around with CUCM (yes, that’s the new name) 5.x. First, the OS installation is very sleek and works like a champ in VMWare. Something which was never very easy with Windows 2000 as the underlying OS. Finally, upgrading is very easy to do and it seems to work great too. […]

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