Dialed Number, Call Type, and Script Association

Found this gem on the Cisco Support Forums today and I just had to blog about it because it’s awesome!  The OP is looking for a way an easy way to find which ICM dialed numbers are associated with which call type and which call type is associated with which script.  The end result is this work of art:

SELECT dn.DialedNumberString, dn.EnterpriseName AS Dialed_Number_Name, ct.EnterpriseName AS Call_Type_Name, ms.EnterpriseName AS Script_Name
FROM Dialed_Number dn
LEFT OUTER JOIN Dialed_Number_Map dnm ON dn.DialedNumberID = dnm.DialedNumberID
LEFT OUTER JOIN Call_Type ct ON dnm.CallTypeID = ct.CallTypeID
LEFT OUTER JOIN Call_Type_Map ctm ON ct.CallTypeID = ctm.CallTypeID
LEFT OUTER JOIN Master_Script ms ON ctm.MasterScriptID = ms.MasterScriptID

Put this in a CUIC report and you can give the users the power to confirm where things are supposed to route without having to ask you. :-)


How many Cisco CTI OS agents are current logged in?

I’ve seen this question come up a few times in the Cisco Support Community.  Figured I would post something about it here.  The question is to find out how many agents are currently logged to CTI OS.  The following will give you the current number of logged in agents and if you leave it running for a long period of time it will tell you how many agents logged in by average, minimum, and maximum number of logged in agents.

– All Programs > Administrator Tools > Performance
– Click on New Counter Set
– Right click on the counter screen and click on Add Counters…
– Select the following counter below


– You will see the counter increase/decrease as agents log in and out.



CTIOS Error 10125

PeripheralErrorCode:10125 AgentID:1000 UniqueObjectID:agent.5000.1000
     MessageID:eControlFailureConf MessageType:eSetAgentStateRequest
     ErrorMessage:IPCC Error [10125]You have attempted to log into an invalid
     instrument.  If you think it is correct there could be a configuration error.
      Otherwise, check the number and try again. FilterTarget:agent.5000.1000

I recently ran into this error and for the life of me could not figure out what was wrong.  So, the first thing I did was make sure it was happening on more than one PC, check.  Next, checked if it was happening with more than one phone, check.  Next, check if it happens with both PGs… this is where I noticed that I could login to one PG, but not to the other.  Which then lead me to check the configuration of both PGs and found that the PG configuration for the PG where the login was failing had an agent extension of 7 digits instead of 10 digits.  Thus why CTIOS was rejecting my login to a phone with an extension with 10 digits.



Cisco WebView Agent Reports Contain No Data

So, this has happened to me on at least three projects and honestly I can never remember to check this before the project starts. Reporting always seems to be a bit of an issue at first. Most call centers aren’t used to the amounts of data Cisco provides and others just don’t like the way WebView presents its information. Either way, missing data is never good.

One issue that I seem to run into a lot is the agent reports showing up blank with just the columns and no data under the columns. This Cisco document explains how to solve that issue. However, the above document was not the only issue I’ve had in the past when trying to get agent data reports. The other issues has to do with not having any agent distributors. Which is something very easy to overlook… at least for me.

Two things to note about the above screen. First, for most duplex environment you will have two distributors, your AW/HDSes. Second, who uses names like fff and icmipcc for distributors? :-)