Faster Way to Download Cisco Finesse Logs Using Wget

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If you’ve had the ‘pleasure’ of troubleshooting Cisco’s newest desktop offering Finesse you know that getting logs from it is a bit of a pain.  While sitting on a TAC call I came up with this approach which has made the process a bit easier.  This solution is not perfect, but it’s better than having to click, right click, download as…

  1. First ensure you have access to the Finesse logs directory /finesse/logs/">/finesse/logs/">/finesse/logs/">http://<finessehost>/finesse/logs/, you’ll need your administrator username and password.
  2. Once you can confirm you can login, download GNU Wget for you operating system.
  3. Open a command prompt and run the following command:

wget –-http-user=<user> –-http-password=<password> –r –np http://<finessehost>/finesse/logs/ \

This command will download every log file, it might take a while depending on your setup, but ultimately this first download is the most painful and afterwards you can use a slightly different command to just download the newest logs.

wget –-http-user=<user> –-http-password=<password> –r –np –N http://<finessehost>/finesse/logs/ \

This command will only download the newest logs which you can then quickly grab.  If you want to be a badass you could then come up with a way to automatically only zip the new ones.

Hope this helps.



  1. David,

    I am the Product Manager for Cisco Finesse. Thank you for posting this. Please know that Finesse 10, due to ship in December 2013, will include System CLI support. You’ll be able to use the System CLI tool to get Finesse logs.

    Ted Phipps
    Cisco Finesse Product Manager

  2. Thanks for stopping by Ted, we’ve talked a bit on the phone before Finesse went gold. I’m glad to hear this has been added to 10, will make our lives easier.


  3. Nice blog David!

    I have access to Finesse logs directory via the web.

    question pls: I have dloaded WGET, and unzipped it. I browse to its folder via cmd prompt- I don’t see a wget exe or bin file there. So from what location do I run the above wget cmd please?

    Also = and are finadmiin userID and password to access Finesse right?

    Assist please.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Kartik Bhatia

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