Sprint’s HTC Touch Pro is Out!

In case you didn’t know earlier this week (Monday) Best Buy got Sprint’s new PDA phone, the HTC Touch Pro. Then around Friday, all Sprint stores got them. I’ve played with it a little and love how responsive it is compared to the Mogul. However, I will still need to play some more with it, before making the decision to upgrade or not. Since I’m no longer under a contract, I’m hoping to get a good deal on it.



  1. I just made the switch from T-Mobile to AT&T to get the iPhone. You should look into it. I’m loving it. Feature-rich smartphone. Bought one for my father too, loaded him up with games for when he’s sitting in waiting rooms. iPhone may be too complicated for him and not hearing-aid compatible enough, but he’s got 30-days to try it and can return it for a more straight-forward phone after that. If that happens, I’ll buy him an iPod touch for Christmas.

  2. Why am I not surprised, you would have an iPhone? :-) While I really like the iPhone, I need a keyboard. I send a ton of emails and text messages through my phone and an actual keyboard makes it so much easier for me to do so. Thanks for the info, I hope your dad is able to use his phone.

  3. Took me only a day or two to adjust to the keyboard. Really intuitive, now I can type so much faster than I ever could on my Razr. Keyboard becomes full-size when phone is turned horizontally for emails.

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