My Blog Celebrates 6 Years.

So, talking to a friend, I’ve realized that I missed one year when doing my calculations, my site has been in operation for 6 years. :-)

Original Post:

Wow. I was doing some maintenance on my site (see previous story) and noticed that my first entry was in Oct 13 of 2003. Yes, six years ago! I really can’t believe I’ve kept up with it this long. So, here’s to another 5 years. By the way, this was my very first posting.

13 Oct

So things are starting pretty slow, expect very little until my life slows down some, or I miraculously discover that I can slow down time, or travel back in timeā€¦

Perhaps you will be waiting for a while in order for this site to be any where near completion.


Five years later and life has not slowed down and I have not figured out how to travel back in time. :(


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