HTC 6800 Sprint Mogul Firmware Upgrade

So, thanks to a random post I found out HTC released a new ROM for the HTC Mogul. You can find the information on the HTC website here. Now, most new phones come with image version 2.09.651.3 and this new version is 2.17.651.0.

This is taken straight from the HTC site and list some of the biggest improvements.

The software posted below provides several key fixes for your Mogul:

* Improves Bluetooth compatibility and performance. (*Hopefully no more registry hacks)
* Corrects keypad function when using On Demand. (*Useless)
* Corrects Alarm so it will ring when device is charging. (*Hallelujah!)
* Corrects several Sprint Music performance issues. (*Useless)
* Enables Sprint Music store to function on early production devices
* Adds new Sprint start up and sign off screens (*Useless)

Finally, the update takes around 10 minutes and it was rather painless. Good luck.


PS: You will have to reconfigure your phone as if it was brand spanking new.

HTC 6800 ROM Update

12/29/2007 Update:

Since this is a very popular post on my website I figured I would let you know how things have been. It has been almost a month and my Mogul has been running like a champ. I highly recommend everyone upgrades their phone. I love the fact that I can now rely on my cell phone as an alarm clock.


03/11/2008 Update:

Check out my latest update posted today.