New Years Resolutions and Data Visualization

At the end of last year (December 2010) I set out to change a few things.  The biggest one being to try and burn 10,000 calories a month through exercise.  The first few months I kept track of my calorie expenditure base on a heart monitor, when my heart monitor met an untimely death I switched to an Android app call CardioTrainer. I highly recommend this app for anyone else who wants to keep track of their workouts.

While I was only able to accomplish this 6 times, I have burned over 100,000 calories so far and lost about 10 pounds.  I will continue working towards 10,000 a month in 2012.  So, now I have a year of data and I’ve been looking to play around with Google’s Chart Tools and figure this would be the combination.  Here’s my first stab at visualizing the data I’ve collected so far.




  1. Nice work you should be commended, setting a tough but realistic goal and meeting it 50% of the time is not a bad effort. Best of luck doing even better next year!

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