More Fun with ICM Script Editor

I really debated calling this, “How ICM Script Editor Allows You To See The Forest Through The Trees”, but I try to make titles which are relevant to my post.  Regardless, here is my latest fun encounter with Script Editor.

I was working on a script, which all of a sudden didn’t work as it originally did.  I checked the ToD routing logic, it was right.  I checked the admin scripts, they were right.  I checked every single node leading up to that step and they were all right.  I had two co-workers check it for me and they could not find the error either.

This is a small example of what I was looking at:

Script Editor Wrong

Now, in the above example it should be really apparent what is wrong, if you haven’t caught it, I’ll let you see what a correct script would look like:

Script Editor Right

Yep, no connection to the If node.  Now, you’re probably thinking, what is this guys thinking, that’s so easy to spot.  You’re right it is easy to spot when you have 4 nodes, but when you’re script spans multiple pages and has hundreds of nodes, it’s a little harder and honestly after starting at a script like this for weeks

















you become crossed-eyed.



  1. I just started learning ICM Scripting for Enterprise in April of this year. Little things like this are incredibly easy to overlook.

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