Cisco CRM Adapter with Firefox

I will assume you have the server connected and working properly, this post focuses solely on getting the CRM adapter working with Firefox 3.x, 6.x.  The version I’m working with is Cisco_Unified_CRM_Connector_7.52, which allows you to install the server or client.  This is Cisco’s latest version and upon install it includes Adapter 3.00.  Install the adapter, including the Firefox extension and perform the following steps:

  • Download the Demo Adapter 3.01.  This includes the Adapter 3.01.
  • Run through setup and install it in a different directory.  Ensure you install the Firefox extension.  Cisco’s in C:\Program Files\Cisco\CRM Connector\ Adapter\ and Salesforce in C:\Program Files\\Demo Adapter 3.01.
  • Go to the Demo Adapter 3.01 folder and register the SFDCFirefoxConnector.dll and SFDCFirefoxConnectorPS.dll.
    • You can register them by double clicking on the file and opening them with C:\Windows\System32\regsvr32.exe
  • Restart Firefox.

Firefox should now be working with your instance.  Please note that you now have two adapters and you must be running Cisco’s version 3.00 in order for this to work.  I’m assuming someone at Cisco didn’t package the right DLL and or the right Firefox extension (which is included in the Demo Adapter 3.01 folder sfdcffextension.xpi).


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