Uniform Server (WAMP) and Laravel

I’ve been playing around with Laravel a bit just to try it out and figured I would bundle this with a light weight WAMP solution.  Went through the install and everything worked fine exept when it came time to migrate my database:

C:\UniServer\laravel1>php artisan migrate
{"error":{"type":"Symfony\\Component\\Debug\\Exception\\FatalErrorException","message":"Call to undefined function Symfony\\Component\\Console\\mb_detect_encoding()","file":"C:\\UniServer\\laravel1\\vendor\\symfony\\console\\Symfony\\Component\\Console\\Application.php","line":721}}

Took some googling around, but the solution was pretty easy.  Assuming you’re running a stock and fairly recent version of Uniform, all you have to do is modify your php-cli.ini file and add:


Restart Apache and presto.



  1. Hi David,
    I have the exact same error migrating database…
    Y use “Uniserver Zero XI”, and extension=php_mbstring.dll is enabled in php.ini

    If I try to add extension=php_mbstring.dll to php-cli.ini and run migrate I get this error:
    could not find driver

    I’m a little desperate so any insight would be welcome :)
    Thank you very much.

  2. Ey, thanks for your quick reply!

    Yes, the extension exists.
    In fact, I code this in a blade.php and it works:

    Any other ideas?

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