Shoes Shoes Shoes

As some of you know I like to run. I have a 10k race this weekend and I’ve been preparing and hope to kick some butt. Now, one thing that comes with running is shoes. I never really thought that shoes played that big of a part in running. Yes, running in high heels might not be conducive to a good time, but for the most part most athletic shoes always seemed alright for running. That is until I started buying actual running shoes. Below you will find my last three pairs of shoes. All of them Asics.

Asics 2100 2120 2130

At 7 o’clock you have the 2100s, at 12 o’clock you have the 2120s, and at 4 o’clock you have my newest pair, the 2130s. These shoes are by far my favorite running shoes, light, great comfort, etc. However, one thing I don’t like is the new look. These shoes are getting more reflective and closer to a women’s style of shoe. I can’t really explain it, but the moment I saw them I knew I didn’t like the look of them. Specially compared to the 2120s, which I love. On a side note, my parents hated my 2120s, saying they looked like girl shoes. Maybe my parents were on to something.

Enjoy your run through life.