Cisco ICM Admin Script Will Not Run

I ran into an issue yesterday which I’m still not 100% sure as to why it happened, but I at least was able to clear it  up.  I created an administrator script which did run even though it was scheduled to run every 30 seconds.  The script even when down to a start and end node only and still no response.  So, when making changes in ICM the first place to look at is the router.  Did a quick “cdlog ra /last /o” and the ra.log showed the following:

   1:  21:02:40 ra-rtr Trace: Undefined symbol: Global.userMy_UserVar. 
   2:  21:02:40 ra-rtr Add of ScriptData warning. 
Unable complete script load 7300: Undefined symbol: Global.userMy_UserVar. 
   3:  21:02:40 ra-rtr All configuration operations complete. 

So, if nothing else, this lets me know that there is something in my config which is not right and it’s possible that new changes might be queued up and that’s why my admin script is not running.  I went through all references of my user variable and removed them.  I then deleted the user variable and created a new one with the same name and put it back in every script.  Looked at the router log again and it looked clean.  After that, the admin script ran fine.



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