If you don’t play with it you’ll lose it.

August 12, 2008

So, recently I ran into a very nice WordPress theme which I’m currently using called Freicurv v2.0. However, there seems to be a very special combination of themes and MySQL versions which cause all your stories to show in ascending order instead of the default descending order. This is all great information, however it took me a few hours of searching around before I put the pieces together. So, here is it. If the order of your stories or posts is reverse and you’ve gone to WordPress support and read this article and you’re still trying to use this theme, here is my work around:

In the index.php change
php query_posts($query_string . "&cat=-111")
php query_posts($query_string)

I’m still playing around with the theme to see if I broke anything, but more than likely the big issue will be the whole Asides category this theme uses. Since, I will not be changing that section very often, I’m happy with just modifying the intro.php file when ever I want to make a change to that section.


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