A bit of a rant

June 6, 2008

So, there are a few things which I just need to vent about.

    Airports which charge independently for internet access. Most major airports if not all, have an agreement with T-Mobile or some other major company which provides internet access, but no. There are still some airports, e.g. OMA, which refuses to get on board with this century.
    Hotels which charge for internet access. You’re charging me close to $200/night, but you still have to nickle and dime us on internet access? I’m not asking you for a OC48 speeds, heck I would be happy with just a connection that doesn’t drop every other packet.
    Yes, I have a cast. Yes, I have two broken bones in my wrist. Yes, I know you will have to swap my cast, palms, and fingers for explosive materials. No, it doesn’t matter that we go through this procedure every week twice a week. I understand it’s your job.
    I own about 8 belts, but none can be operated with one hand… actually are there any belts which only require one hand? Why hasn’t Velcro made a killing in this market?
    Expenses. I don’t think I’m alone on this one. Really wish there was an easier way.

I’m done, I’m actually a pretty happy person, but like to mix it up every once in a while.


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