I am waving hello.

May 11, 2008

So, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that I have two hands. The bad news is that one of those hands is attached to a broken wrist. Per my ER release form:

Fracture of Distal End of Radius and Ulna

Yes, two broken bones… 28 years of playing soccer and this is my first major injury. I still consider myself lucky.

The pain is crazy and the Vicodin does nothing for the pain. Oh well, the things I hate the most so far are:

My productivity at work will go down… will need to learn to type with my right hand and nose.
Putting on deodorant with one hand is tricky.
No more soccer.
No more volleyball.
No more flag football.
No more training for my marathon.

Hope these 2-3 months of healing go by fast and that I don’t need any surgery.


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2 Comments to "I am waving hello."

  1. margaret wrote:

    hi there – I’ve got the same cast on the same hand – I totally empathize – mine happened 6/26/08 – have to have surgery tomorrow – fortunately I’m a righty – how are you doing?

  2. dmacias wrote:

    I’m feeling a lot better, took the cast off this past Monday. I was on the hard cast for 4 weeks and a soft cast for 3… good luck with your surgery. You know, I used to knit as a kid, wouldn’t mind getting back into it. :-)


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