My Firefox Add-ons so far.

November 11, 2007

If you’re a Firefox user you should be very familiar with Add-ons. Here is a screen shot of the ones I use and absolutely love.

My Firefox add-ons

1. Adblock Filterset.G and Adblock Plus: These two add-ons make surfing an absolute pleasure. No ad splash screens, no huge banners, no AdSense, nothing. Yes, there is some questionable reasons for using this, but honestly some sites are just unbearable without these add-ons.

2. Forecastfox: When you’re on the road a lot, it is necessary to check the weather conditions of different places when booking travel. So, that’s where this add-on comes in to play. It takes two clicks to have instant weather updates or any city in your profile. And adding a new profile is quick and easy. Absolutely love it and use it a lot.

3. Greasemonkey: Google this add-on, this is a must for people who like to play around with the way some websites behave. The learning curve is steep, but once you’ve got it, it’s very easy.

4. Mouse Gestures: Being able to surf the web without moving your hand from the mouse make life so much simpler. You want to go back a page, right click, hold, and move mouse back. Reload page, right click, hold, up/down, etc.

5. SwitchProxy Too: My laptop ends up in multiple different networks, which all have different requirements when accessing the internet. Some times I need a proxy, some times I need a user name and password, SwitchProxy makes going from profile to profile quick and easy.

6. Tab Mix Plus: I usually have around 4-5 tabs open at any one time, this add-on allows me to configure how the tabs will function, how they close, how you can cntrl-tab over, etc.

7. WebMail Notifier: This add-on checks all of my email accounts and lets me know when there is email. currently I have it set to check Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail. Absolutely love it.


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