January 4, 2007

"Neuromancer," the boy said, slitting long gray eyes against the rising sun. "The lane to the land of the dead. Where you are, my friend. Marie-France, my lady, she prepared this road, but her lord choked her off before I could read the book of her days. Neuro from the nerves, the silver paths. Romancer. Necromancer. I call up the dead. But no, my friend, " and the boy did a little dance, brown feet printing the sand, "I am the dead, and their land." He laughed. A gull cried. "Stay. If your woman is a ghost, she doesn’t know it. neither will you."

So, a couple of days ago I finished this book. The main reason I picked it up is because it is supposed to be one of the staple sci-fi books for geeks. Well, I can see why and if you read the paragraph above you can see why too. This book is confusing, from the beginning to the end, the book is just random. It is like a bad acid trip on paper. Reminded me a lot of A Clock Work Orange, except for a lot less untra-violence. Regardless, I’m done with it and can now move on to the rest of my books on my coffee table.

Asimov is next and I love that guy!


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2 Comments to "Neuromancer"

  1. Frank wrote:

    So did you ever read any Asimov???

  2. dmacias wrote:

    Yes, as a matter of fact I’m half way through the foundation series. However, I only read what I can when I find it for cheap at Half Price books.


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