I’ve been at it since 4:30 AM…

October 27, 2006

and I remembered reading something last night from the book that is currently on my reading list.

"Incredible that anything could happen to take away this bubbling energy, the zest that fills everything I do. It’s as if all the knowledge I’ve soaked in during the past months has coalesced and lifted me to a peak of light and understanding. This is beauty, love, and truth all rolled into one. This is joy. And now that I’ve found it, how can I give it up? Life and work are the most wonderful things a man can have. I am in love with what I am doing, because the answer to this problem is right here in my mind, and soon – very soon – it will burst into consciousness. Le me solve this one problem. I pray God it is the answer I want, but if not I will accept any answer at all and try to be grateful for what I had."

– Charlie Gordon "Flowers for Algernon"

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