We are the champions, my friend.

April 7, 2006

So, as some of you know I play on a couple of soccer teams; three of them to be exact two men teams and a coed team. One of the men teams is made up by about half of my coworkers and half of friends from other teams. This team was first formed last season and we had a dismal year. We won a single game and that was via a forfeit. The usual outcomes were 10-1 or 9-0. It was painful.However, this season we had a 5-3-1 season and were able to win the championship last night. We started with only two subs and they had about eight. Also, one of our very strong attackers was not able to make it. So, things were not looking too good at first. However, we came out shooting and we scored the first one. Our defense, which is probably one of our weakest points, really stepped up and quickly identified their number one guy. He was not able to get much started with the middle and defense really playing body to body. Our goalie was having a monster game; however, by the end of the first half we were tied 2-2. The second half was much better, we controlled most of the game and they were getting frustrated and playing very physical and committing a lot of fouls. Final score 4-2 and the championship. It was amazing!

~david macias

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