Very Strange…

December 15, 2005

I just had two very separate dreams. In the first I had found out that my little sister had been given up to another family and was living in another city. I had traveled to see her and ensure that she was safe. She was.

In my other dream I was back in Dr. Berger

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7 Comments to "Very Strange…"

  1. Anonymous wrote:

    you are completely nuts. ;-)

  2. Anonymous wrote:

    The first dream probably relates to your relationship with your sister. She is growing just like you did. Let her seek her independence because deep down you realize she already found it.

    Your second dream is about inadequacy. Don’t leave things to the very last minute. Plan ahead and you’ll be OK. This applies to both practical and lifetime ventures. Stop worrying about the future as well. It takes the shape you give it.

  3. dmacias wrote:

    Hmm, interesting interpretations, however I really feel that dreams are nothing more than stray brain connections with no real meaning or purpose. Not to say you can not dream something useful, but for the most part dreams are a sign of a brain still pretending to be awake.

  4. Anonymous wrote:

    You are correct. However, don’t underestimate your brain’s capacity to provide you with information that you make a conscious effort to put aside.

  5. Anonymous wrote:

    Hi David,

    I was surprised to read your perspective on dreams after reading your thoughtful consideration of the symbolism in Abre Los Ojos. Dreams are like a Rorshach test, reflecting the perceptions of the interpreter. Those reflections can be meaningful, however, but not intrinsically – meaning is where we look for it. Personally, I think it is as incorrect to say that dreams have no value as it is to say that they all do.


  6. dmacias wrote:


    I think there are a lot of people who place too much weight on a dream, similar to starting your day by reading your horoscope and pre-programming yourself based on what you find on the paper that morning.

    I stand by the statement that a dream will not reveal anything that you already didn’t know.


  7. Anonymous wrote:

    Hi David,

    I agree that no one avenue of life will give us all the answers. Balance is always the healthy choice. Just because people have the potential to go overboard with something doesn’t mean it should be avoided altogether. For example, there are people who take exercise too far – this doesn’t mean that exercise has no value.

    Of course, you are free to believe what you believe, and it’s not my intention to convince you that you personally should value dream interpretation. If you feel dream interpretation is not going to tell you anything new, then it most definitely won’t.


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