I bring you lions in this world full of sheep.

November 19, 2005

You begin to slowly realize that not everyone is in tune with you. Not everyone listens and sees the things you see. However, with that there is a certain feeling of failure that comes with it. Would you prefer to continue seeing the world you do? Or chose to curtail your view and take the popular road? There is no such thing as uniqueness; reason leads us all down the same path. Ayn Rand would be proud.Begin to understand that the fact that you see things differently and understand things in a different manner just means that either you

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5 Comments to "I bring you lions in this world full of sheep."

  1. Anonymous wrote:

    The biggest thing about being marginal, unique, or pretending to be either is to realize that you do it out of personal vanity. It is your ego that makes you think you are better than others. However, in for the sake of social acceptance which is what you ultimately seek you pretend modesty to convince yourself your a likeable person. Deep down, though you know you criticize those who do not see things as you do, You despise those with better reasoning skills than yours. You loathe being proved wrong and will insist on finding something that validates your point.

    Accept the fact that you are alone because you make yourself that way. The only thing that isolates your is your incapacity to become fully independent. You crave machiavellic and nietzchian thought. However, when fully implemented, that line of thinking only makes you more alone.

    Give in, accept and work it out with yourself. Then the world can toot its horn to your tune. Never else.

    A frien.

  2. dmacias wrote:

    With friends like you who needs enemies. :-)

  3. Anonymous wrote:

    Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

  4. dmacias wrote:

    I guess that means I should call more often, huh?

  5. Anonymous wrote:

    Only often enough to persuade friendship exists. A distant friend is nothing but a civil enemy.

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