Some site touchups.

October 30, 2005

So, is touchups one word or two?

Anyway, finally got around to taking care of some security fixes that were needed. Also, updated the Spamx plugin which makes getting rid of all those beautiful spam comments a breeze.


~david macias

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2 Comments to "Some site touchups."

  1. Anonymous wrote:

    If your trying to get rid of spam read about bayesian filter.

    or a simple method is just to add an image

    <img src="image-display.php" alt="grabs session value which is printed in an image with gd." />

    note: whats going on with projects on verizon or any new linux projects?

    – Leblanc Meneses

  2. dmacias wrote:

    Bayesian filters are pretty cool, I’ve used them to filter http log files, they take some time to train, but in the long run work well.

    The spam I’m talking about involves referal spam, which is making a search engine think a website with regarding some topic is actually another site.

    My only project I’m currently working on is a answering service for my place, but it is still being worked on and my time is limited. Whats up with you?


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