Your mind is only clear.

August 7, 2005

It is 1:26 AM on a Saturday morning, I decided to be a good boy and stay in. I’ve had about 10 phone calls tonight. Weekends are made for partying. It has been a crazy weekend and I might have to go to the doctor on Monday. Note to self, don’t get hit in the face by a soccer ball. You might end up seeing spots that don’t go away.I went for a walk around midnight today. I had a pretty late and huge dinner so I figured I would walk it off a bit. Interesting how many stare you get when you’re walking alone at night. I didn’t get shot or mugged, although I can see why people would fear such late night travels.

I’ve had a lot of time to think, while my mind doesn’t seem to focus on a single thing, it does seem to circle a common theme. That being my future. What about it? I don’t really know, perhaps I should think about it some more or worst, that is the problem.

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