April 7, 2005

So, I have been in Chicago for a couple of days now. I love traveling, I enjoy being on the road and would like to do more of it if possible.

However, this trip has not been fun. Got here Sunday and by around Tuesday I was feeling a little sick, maybe had something to do with the guy who was sick in my training class. Well, Tuesday around 7 PM I passed out, slept until 7 AM the next morning. Today (Wednesday) I still felt a little under the weather, but after a nap and dinner I was feeling much better. So I got to thinking, why would I get sick all of a sudden, then get much better within 48 hours?Stress. I think my body gets majorly down when I push myself too hard. Thus, resulting in some defencies on the imnune system. Now, is this a sign of age? Am I getting older and weaker? I don’t think so. If anything I think I am working harder than I had before, but only time will tell.

I think I need some vitamins.

~david macias

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