Stutterfly – Gun In Hand

January 30, 2005

So normally you would see my explanation or interpretation of a song in this section, maybe a small blurb about the video, followed by the lyrics of said song. However, not in this case. This is to complain about Stutterfly and their "release" of Gun In Hand.

Now, I’ve had the song in one of my cds for maybe a little bit over two years. I thought it was a great song and I’ve listened to it many a times. I think it is a great combination of hard riffs and soft lyrics with an exchange of soft riffs hard lyrics. The ideal blend. However, the fine folks of Stutterfly took it upon themselves to release the song totally changed and pretty much butchered. This new monstrosity although sounds a bit like the original is much shorter an lacks the greatness that was the original.

Great move guys.

~david macias

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7 Comments to "Stutterfly – Gun In Hand"

  1. Anonymous wrote:

    I completely agree with you. I was looking forward to their new cd, but after hearing what they did to that song I could really care less about their new cd. Broken in Pieces is an amazing disc, but judging by the way that new version of Gun In Hand was produced, I think the new cd will be rather blah! I’m getting sick of bands that have amazing potential ending up lackluster and the same as every other "hard" band out there!

  2. Anonymous wrote:

    i dont normally make posts on any websites but this time i’ll make an exception. this is directed to the 2 smartasses who already posted about stutterfly.
    we’re all entitled to our own opinions… but if you let something like one changed song ruin your whole outlook on a band then you were never a worthy fan in the first place. those guys worked their asses off to make that cd what it is and if you’re gonna blow it off because you liked the "old version" then you should take your sorry ass to HMV, buy a britney spears cd and hang yourself to it. its people like you who are a cancer to the music industry. if you dont like it, then tough. they’re doing way better than you ever will. YOU get signed to maverick and YOU make a better cd than they just did and then maybe you might have enough credibility to say something. until then, shut the hell up.

  3. dmacias wrote:

    Ha ha ha, Thanks for taking the time to post on my website. You’re a troll.

    Go back under your canadian bridge.

    ~david macias

  4. Anonymous wrote:

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. I completely agree with that. And I also think that the ‘new ‘ Gun In Hand is great. They did a wonderful job.

  5. Anonymous wrote:

    I have the Stutterfly Song thats 6 minutes long….Its on my computer…is that the one you liked? Because I personally love that song.

  6. dmacias wrote:

    I think that is the one, it has atleast 3 tempo changes. From slow to fast back to slow. If is way different than the "new"one.

    ~david macias

  7. Anonymous wrote:

    i think the old one is better but i dont see anything wrong with the new one. they didnt butcher the song they just made it shorter. it sounds very similar with a few diff. riffs maybe. other than that it’s the same. i just would like to know if they wrote the song out of like an experience in life or something like that or like a school shooting or something.

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