So I think I have it all wrong.

January 22, 2005

So, it seems that I don’t have it quite right. The usual purpose of a website is to keep the "world" updated about the things the owner of said site does…

Well, it takes time, suprisingly lots of time. I am still alive but work is really keeping me busy, lots of changes going on, restructuring.

My time on the computer for personal time has been minimal at best, yes greatly disappointed about that. Since when has work taken up so much of your day? Oh well, at least I am doing something I enjoy.

So this update is just so I don’t feel so bad that I have not put up an update in so freaking long.

~david macias

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4 Comments to "So I think I have it all wrong."

  1. Anonymous wrote:

    Write something that’s not work related from the corner of your life that is quiet and un-busy.

  2. dmacias wrote:

    Quiet and unbusy, not sure what that means. There is always music playing 24/7 in my apartment, but there is usually no one there to listen to it. Dallas is an interesting town, never quiet always busy even when going to the gym at 5:30 AM, there is always someone up and about. Always.

    Never quiet…Always busy.

  3. Anonymous wrote:

    Dallas has pockets of quiet . . . parks, libraries, the planetarium before/after the speaker talks about constellations, the DMA . . . though I suppose even in these locations one can hear the hum of a computer and the click of a shoe.

  4. dmacias wrote:

    Dallas has many things, but it lacks heart and soul.

    Qui etes vous?

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