Maria Full of Grace

August 6, 2004

Excellent film. I don’t think I could swallow 62 grapes whole, but I am sure somewhere someone has or someone is. The most perplexing thing is that you see the quality of life of people in such countries as Colombia or Guatemala and you think, what other options do they have? Money needs to be brought into the home, studying takes away from working and it costs money. What do you do? Why wouldn’t you do it? Is it really possible to "make it" in a 3rd world country?

Requeim for a Dream is the best drug movie to watch, but this one is pretty close to depicting the harsh reality of the drug world.

~david -out of grace- macias

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3 Comments to "Maria Full of Grace"

  1. Anonymous wrote:

    This would be a good topic of discussion for a date night on the phone. Want to take me up on the offer?

  2. dmacias wrote:


    I have never beeen e-propositioned before I will have to think about it, there are a lot of crazy people on the internet.

  3. Anonymous wrote:

    People can "make it" better in third world countries. Education is the key, you see. Laziness claims there is no time to study because it takes away from making money. Action is a better remedy than asking rhetorically ‘what can be done?’. Something can always be done- a cultivator’s union can be formed to share ideas and improve production . . . a book club or book reading can be formed to increase international awareness and eventually lead to a greater understanding of other cultures, thus making possible world peace . . . women can be lifted from their household spheres and rise to the same social level as men creating a better standard of living for all involved . . . reading one quote can instill hope that fuels a (wo)man to make a step at improving his/her life. Because it is hopelessness that leads to acts of desperation against "the privelaged."

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