The net, lost in cyber space? Part 2

May 10, 2004

December 4th was when I posted the first part of this little project. The whole point of this little “experiment” was to see how high I could get my name to come up on the google ranks. Well, after 6 months I am not up to #4. Actually, I am sure this just happened with this months google index update. Also, there are a couple of things I did. Linked this site from a couple of different sites. Slashdot was probably the one that mattered the most, but along with that one others were used. Also, I made sure to sign my whole name after any story or comment, that way increasing the instances of David Macias coming up.

So, that is that, I will continue seeing how long it takes for my name to reach #1 but I don’t see that being possible, I would need a lot more referers. Oh well, it is nice to know where I stand according to google.

~david macias

Old story

PS: I am not sure how google works with dynamic sites specially since the front page of this website constantly changes. Hmmm…?

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