April 19, 2004

So you might know, I play soccer, I love to play soccer. Soccer is the best sport in the world! :-)

So here is a the source of my discontent.

Division III

Mondial III 25 8 0 1 61 15 46 9
*Team Red 24 8 1 0 61 17 44 9
Guadalajara 19 6 1 1 40 19 21 8
Infinity 15 4 2 3 45 32 13 9
Blinn 1 13 4 3 1 45 30 15 8

*Yes that is us in 2nd place.So today we played this team who we felt pretty confident that we would beat. However, guess what, we did not. First of all, they actually stacked the team. They took two of the best players from another team and had them play with this team. Something that is illegal according to our league rules.

Next, the ref was friends with a couple of people from the other team and called most of the game a bit lopsided. Finally, he gave me a yellow card which I and many of my team members felt that it was unfair. I went to head the ball, goalie comes out for it, slams into me, gets the air knocked out of him, and he leaves the game hurt. David gets a yellow card and a $5 fine. Goalie later returned and he seemed fine.

So, after going undefeated we lost one game one week before the playoffs. We should still be ranked #1 however; this should give us a wake up call. We can be beat.

Finally, the final score was 4-3, they were getting scared we scored 2 goals on them in the last 5 minutes.

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