Do you really want to hear about my day?

April 15, 2004

A bit of a rant or just blowing off steam or just waiting for this batch file to finish.

~david maciasWoke up sore from working out Tuesday morning.

7:30 – Checking email getting ready to swing by work
8:30 – At work, I know I said I was not going to be there but something draws me in everytime, like the force.
9:10 – Class
10:20 – Breakfast
11:00 – Studying for my test on Friday.
12:00 – I have an interview in one hour ack!
1:00 – Interview starts
2:00 – Interview continues
3:00 – Interview continues
4:00 – Interview continues
4:45 – Interview finishes, four glasses of water gone, bladder requests attention ASAP.
5:00 – Lay on the floor just relaxing trying to gather my thoughts, write down some notes.
5:10 – Changes to soccer gear
5:30 – Starts warming up for soccer game vs Blinn #2 and the top scorer in our league.
6:00 – Game starts
6:10 – They score their first goal
6:40 – I score my only goal
7:00 – Game ends Blinn #2 2 Team Red 8, woohoo! 8-2 baby Team Red continues undefeated.!
7:30 – Shower and rubbing Ben Gay all over my legs
8:30 – Dinner
9:00 – Studying for exam
10:30 – At work
11:30 – Still at work
11:50 – Gone home to sleep

I like pleasure spiked with pain, and music is my airplane – RCHP

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1 Comment to "Do you really want to hear about my day?"

  1. Anonymous wrote:

    no. we dont really want to hear about your day. maybe some other time, thanks

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