Finger Eleven – Stay in Shadow

January 22, 2004

A bit of a dark song, with some hard rifs. To me the song talks about having someone you need help from and they not being able to do so. Perhaps the truth of their futility causes the singer to ask for that person to stay in shadow and be away from the light. Maybe by being in shadow the truth will not be as painful.

-david maciasStay In Shadow

So cold that you cannot cope
With a frozen heart
I guess we blow apart
I guessed it from the start

Stay in shadow
I?ll run this world out
Stay in shadow
It?s running out of time
Stay in shadow
I want to watch it drown
Stay in this now

Don?t say because you can?t
Say what we should have been
Don?t show what I resent
Don?t know cause I forget

So cruel to be so blind
Darkness was on my side
Now that you?ve come and gone
I know where I belong

Light is leaving as I watch you go
Light is leaving inside of my soul

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