Quest for my ideal AIM name!

November 26, 2003

So there is this person who has the AIM name I always wanted, he never uses it, maybe once every couple of months, I finally got a chance to talk to him and see if there was a possibility of maybe him passing it on to me. Below is the conversation that ensued…DAMWorking: hey
**********: who is this
DAMWorking: you don’t know me
**********: no
**********: do you know me?
DAMWorking: nope i dont, I just know that you are the person who has ********** as their screen name on AIM, and I wasn wandering if you would ever consider letting it go?
DAMWorking: however I think i got on the AIM bandwagon a little late and ********** was taken :-(
DAMWorking: so yeah, kinda of sad, i know
**********: i need 100 US dollars
DAMWorking: damn!
DAMWorking: i need a 100 US dollars too
**********: and i will happily give it up i don’t even ue the name
DAMWorking: i know you don’t use it, i’ve only seen you online like once
DAMWorking: that’s why I was hoping you might be willing to give it up
DAMWorking: but sorry $100 is too much for this broke college student
DAMWorking: can I ask you why did you pick it?
**********: cause i could
**********: i collect the tightest names
**********: i had "box"
DAMWorking: thats a cool hobby
DAMWorking: box?
**********: i am computer genius
**********: so they say
**********: i am very particular
DAMWorking: i see
**********: where do you go to school?
DAMWorking: Texas A&M
DAMWorking: you?
**********: moorpark california
DAMWorking: hmm, what are you studying?
**********: psychology, philosophy
**********: listen to trail of dead
********** signed off at 3:09:29 PM.

And just like that it ended, mind games perhaps…

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