You are looking at a broken man.

November 24, 2003

The trials and tribulations of a future college graduate…So there is this awesome job that I wanted. I applied for it a year ago, knowing full well that there was no way I could get it, but I wanted a bit of sight into the position and the company. The position is IT Risk Management, it involves hacking into networks and doing security assessment of new technologies companies are trying to implement. The company is a huge multi millions dollar world organization with awesome benefits and extremely smart people to work with. The dream job.

So I interviewed with them again this year, got through to the second interview, they put me up in this awesome hotel, wined and dined me, then I went through a battery of interviews. Everything was going great until the last interview, where I felt I wasn’t aggressive enough.

Today I got a letter, saying that I didn’t get the job.


To all of you out there looking for jobs, good luck and keep your head up!


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1 Comment to "You are looking at a broken man."

  1. Anonymous wrote:

    In the words of 2 Pac, just sit back, close your eyes, and picture us ROLLING!!

    Notorious FMZ

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