The Cubs and their one fan

October 15, 2003

So the Billy Goat Curse seems to be true…It is really unbeliveable that one fan alone changed the momentum of the game, it is possible, but unlikely. If the Cubs were ready to party, put the Marlins away and then this fan and his golden hand changed all that, I think the Cubs need to focus and learn that it is not over until the last out is in the glove.

This poor guy is going to be harassed for weeks to come, maybe longer if the Cubs don’t make it to the World Series. Then we are looking at a man, whose life has dramatically changed because he could not keep his hands to himself. However, it was not only him, in the video shown (about 3 times already on FNN) there was a second man that looked like he was going for it too. The only person with some sense, it seems, was the woman in white, who clearly moved away from the path of the ball, lady, if you read this I hope you moved because of common sense and not because you were scared of the ball. Regardless, I am sure you are happy your hands never attempted to touch that ball.

Enjoy game 7 folks, I am sure one man, will be praying the hardest tonight, may his prayers be answered.


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